Best Bonsai soil – My Top Pick

The most important aspect of keeping your bonsai tree has to be the soil you keep your trees in. Choosing the right soil then makes the difference between a happy, healthy bonsai and a tree that dies one week after you bring it back home.

My recommendation then for a bonsai soil would have to be Bonsai boys akadama potting souk which you can grab here – (The link takes you to bonsai boys website) 

bonsai soil

Why do I recommend this soil? 

So one of the things I hate is when people recommend specific products online without using or explaining why they recommend them. 

As such, these are some of the key reasons why I recommend this soil: 

Made from akadama

So the biggest reason I recommend this potting soil is that it is made from akadama. 

All too often, bonsai soils don’t contain any akadama, which in my opinion, is a mistake. 

Akadama is a type of Japanese clay used for centuries in caring for bonsai trees. 

Akadama then is non-toxic to the rest of your tree and does not change impact PH level in your tree. 

It can be mixed with other soils 

Another reason I recommend this soil is because it is super easy to blend with other soil types. 

For example, mixing this sil with volcanic ash rock and pumice will make the perfect indoor bonsai tree soil. 

Mixing this spil with peat soil or general compost can create fantastic outdoor bonsai soil. 

It can be used by itself

Finally, this soil is the complete package that you can use without mixing. 

This soil has been imported directly from Japan and grown explicitly created for the art of bonsai, making it my number one pick. 

What to look out for when buying soil

So regardless of purchasing my recommendation or not, I’ve made many mistakes throughout my bonsai career. 

As such, any toolset you decide to opt for must have the following: 

  • Strong materials– You want to ensure that regardless of any bonsai soil you buy, it is made from volcanic rock, ash rock, or clay. 
  •  From a professional retailer – It can be very tempting to buy bonsai soil from a cheap store; however, using reputable retailers will ensure peace of mind, not worrying about the tree dying right after you purchase it. 
  • Not the cheapest option – Similar to the above, you may want to purchase the cheapest bonsai soils available. While this will be your choice, depending on your available budget, consider investing in soils more as investment pieces. 
  • Money-back guarantee – Ensure that whatever bonsai soil you purchase has a money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind. 

Fehed Nicass

Fehed Nicass has been passionate about all things bonsai and botany focused for the past 3 years. What started out as a hobby has developed as a passion and he is now on a mission to teach and learn.

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