Best Bonsai Grow Lights – My Top Pick

One of the biggest challenges with indoor bonsai trees is just ensuring they get enough light. 

Most bonsai trees need between 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily and so this can be challenging if you live in an area with gloomy weather conditions. SO what are the best bonsai grow lights? 

Artificial LED lights then are something I use to help boost my indoor bonsai tree light. Having tested a few of these out then in the past year, I can confidently say that my recommendation for the best bonsai artificial light has to be Gooingtops LED artificial light, which you can grab here (The link takes you to Amazon)

Why do I recommend this Bonsai light? 

So one of the things I hate is when people recommend you specific products online without using or explaining why they recommend them. 

As such, these are some of the key reasons why I recommend this light: 

Light Spectrum

This artificial light is designed to emit a specific spectrum of light that is optimal for bonsai growth. 

This light then provides a balanced combination of red, blue, and other wavelengths, essential for photosynthesis and different stages of your bonsai tree development.

Energy Efficiency

 Unlike other halogen or artificial lights, this grow light is incredibly energy-efficient. It converts more energy into usable light, lowering electricity bills and reducing environmental impact.

Adjustable Intensity 

This grow light offers adjustable brightness levels or dimming options, allowing you to control the light intensity based on the specific needs of your plants at different growth stages.

On top of this, Gooingtops grow light has an adjustable timer, making it ideal if you have multiple bonsai trees requiring different amounts of sunlight. 

Space Efficient

One of the significant problems with artificial LED lights is that they can be massive. 

They can take up a lot of room and become a pain to move around. 

Not the problem with this bonsai grow light, which is completely adjustable and can even clip onto a desk or table space, ensuring that regardless of working with limited space, this light will keep you covered. 

Money back guarantee

Finally, this light has a money-back guarantee. 

That means you can return the product if you are unhappy. 

This will give you peace of mind especially compared to other online providers that can be sketchy about offering returns!

What to look out for when buying a bonsai grow light

So regardless of purchasing my recommendation for a bonsai light or not, I’ve made many mistakes throughout my career. 

As such, any toolset you decide to opt for must have the following: 

  • Strong materials– You want to ensure that regardless of any bonsai light you buy, it is made from solid materials that will not break after 12 months.
  •  From a professional retailer – It can be very tempting to buy a bonsai light from a cheap store; however, using reputable retailers will ensure peace of mind, not worrying about the tree dying right after you purchase it. 
  • Not the cheapest option – Similar to the above, you may want to purchase the cheapest bonsai light available. While this will be your choice, depending on your available budget, consider investing slightly more as, in my experience, premium bonsai light will typically be much longer lasting and better quality than cheaper sets.
  • Money-back guarantee – Ensure that whatever Bonsai set you purchase has a money-back guarantee to give you peace of mind. 

Fehed Nicass

Fehed Nicass has been passionate about all things bonsai and botany focused for the past 3 years. What started out as a hobby has developed as a passion and he is now on a mission to teach and learn.

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